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AXIS construction bureau creates full project documentation at all stages – from the conceptual designs to the facility completion projects.

We design various constructions for different purposes and with diverse contents. AXIS has provided designs for: constructions in food industry, public institutions, business and commercial buildings, catering industry facilities, petroleum products marketing facilities, residential buildings, industrial halls and factories, various industrial plants, warehouses, grandstands at stadiums, gyms, health care centres etc.


Engineering and Supervision

AXIS construction bureau provides services for implementation and realization of approved architectural and construction projects, as well as for the technical acceptance of facilities.

OWe bring together a team of experts from all fields of construction and provide professional and appropriate supervision of the works execution in the field of building construction, especially on the facilities and plants in the oil and gas industry.


Environmental protection

AXIS construction bureau prepares the following reports:

• Environment impact assessment studies
• Project documentation for environment protection
• Waste management documents
• Accident protection plans in hazardous workplaces and high-risk industrial plants
• Fire protection plans for all other hazardous working environments.